August 28, 2016: D&D Game Two

Dominica was actually the first one up today.  Then Liesl.  Then me.  Luciana and Rachel were both still asleep around noon!  We wanted to get lunch at Denny’s but it is always a challenge getting the kids moving and ready.  It took forever but eventually they were up and Chris met us and Rachel followed along too and we all went up to our old Denny’s on Frankfort to have a very late breakfast or early lunch there.

Chris came back to the house to hang out after lunch for a while.  Rachel had to go work on shoe and dress shopping, she is at under a week to the Miss Texas competition so is pretty busy.

Chris hung out for an hour or two until it was mid-afternoon.  We had heard a rumour that our Dungeons and Dragons game was going to be on for this evening but it was never clear.  We spent a few hours trying to coordinate that.  At first it was going to be two in the afternoon, then it was like six and it finally ended up being eight thirty, which is pretty late for getting started on a Sunday night, but we did the best that we could.

We had a fun game. We ordered in pizza from Joe’s where Dominica and I used to get Italian take out often when we lived here three years ago.  We didn’t have the full group but did pretty well with Rachel, Shawn, Dominica, Nick, Gerald and Melanie.  Only Tim, Mike and Will could not make it and we were able to make due pretty well with what we had.

We played till about midnight and called it a night.  Not nearly long enough to really get into it but I think that it went decently well.