July 18, 2016: Passport Renewals

We are pretty tired this morning after being up so late last night watching the movies at the Silver Lake Drive In.

I spent the morning on my writing and posting.  It was a busy morning since I had to sleep in for so long.

This afternoon we ran the four of us over to Geneseo to go to the post office there so that we could work on our passport renewals.  That was a one hour and $500 process but, hopefully, we will have our passports ready to go in under six weeks.  It will be five years before the girls need new ones again and ten years for Dominica and me.  We had to get the big passports this time, the ones with double the pages as we go through them so quickly.

This afternoon dad hooked up the hay wagon and we took everyone out for a ride around the farm.  We got lots of great pictures and videos of the ride.  We had a lot of fun.  The girls really liked it.

Hay Ride on the Farm
Hay Ride on the Farm