July 3, 2016: Emily Breaks Her Foot

Today is our full day down in Waverly. We got up at the Gutherie or Best Western as it is now called, in Sayre, Pennsylvania and had breakfast there in the hotel and relaxed for a bit before heading to the family reunion on the farm.

Full day of family reunion stuff on the farm today.  Mostly hanging around on the deck.  The kids ran around and played with their cousins all day.  They mostly had a great time, although there is always plenty of fighting, too.

I went out for a few shopping runs throughout the day.  But mostly the day was pretty tame.

They tried doing outdoor movies tonight with the projector and stuff but it really did not work and the kids were not interested in sitting still for a movie.

This evening the big excitement was that Emily was running barefoot through the yard just before it was time to leave and her big toe rolled under her foot and she broke her foot.  We did not know that it was broken at the time, although we suspected that it was.  She was in a lot of pain and we spent a few hours dealing with that, although she did not go get it looked at by a doctor tonight.