June 2, 2016: Final Grocery Run in Romania

Hard to believe that we have only a little over two weeks left here in Romania before we need to be headed back to the States!  Today is our last planned run to the grocery store to get stocked up on all of the stuff that we will need for the remainder of our time here.  Always a sad moment.

Our morning went well.  It was raining all morning.  Liesl had a very productive day of school.  She covered a lot of stuff and it all went really well and there was basically no fighting which is a huge achievement here.

Luciana finally got Minecraft PE working on the tablets so that we can play together so I put in a little time playing that with her this morning as she has been waiting months for that to work again.

We went to the grocery store at three this afternoon and got way more groceries that we should have.  Seven hundred leu worth of them!  We had better not need any more while we are here!

We came straight home and Dominica made hot dogs for dinner.  Liesl ate over six and Luciana ate a full seven!

I watched The Ridiculous Six this evening which is, I believe, the first commissioned Netflix original movie.  It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t great.  Lots of great people, what a lineup and filmed in 4K which is nice, but it was only so so.  But when you consider that it was a made for TV movie, sort of, it was pretty impressive!  It definitely looked and felt like a big budget Hollywood film.