June 24, 2016: Hanging Out with Dustin

More news from the UK taking up a big part of the day.  Now that the Brexit is hitting the markets, the British Pound is in total collapse and has lost a tonne of its value.  Dominica and I are talking about whether or not we need to change plans to go tour Scotland and Wales this coming year rather than places that we had been planning to go because the Pound is so cheap that we really cannot pass up the opportunity to leverage it.

The pound was $2.10 when Dominica and I last visited the UK.  Today it is at $1.33 and it is expected to level out around $1.31 and we’ve seen it as low as $1.29.  That is absolutely crazy.  The British have lost an enormous amount of their national wealth practically overnight.  Something like one third of the value of their economy just evaporated.

I wrote all morning and had my phone call this afternoon.  Today is Wednesday.

This evening I gave dad a break and drove up to Henrietta to meet up with Dustin from MangoLassi for some beers at MacGregors on Jefferson Road.  I have not been to MacGregors in probably twenty years!

Dustin was there before me and had a table outside on the back deck.  It was nice weather in Rochester tonight, so perfect for sitting outside.  But before too long, the mosquitoes came out and we moved inside.

We went over to the Tilted Kilt before heading back home.  I didn’t even know that there was one of these in Rochester. So many chain bars cycle through on Jefferson, I can’t keep up with what is up there.

Scott Alan Miller and Dustin at MacGregors on Jefferson Road
Scott Alan Miller and Dustin at MacGregors

Dustin and I have been talking almost daily on MangoLassi for nearly a year.  But we have never met in person.  That’s one of the weird things about online communities: you get to know people really well but don’t even know what they look like, sound like or realistically even how old they are.  Dustin guessed, even meeting me in person, that was “only in my early fifties.”  Argh.

Solid forty here, folks.

I have been working very hard on SGL to get updates coming in a timely fashion.  Still a bit of June left to go but I have lots of scattered July and August updates already written and ready to post once I fill in the gaps in between.  This summer has just been so busy, no chances to get caught up!  Doing my best.

A year ago today, we were at dad’s place on the farm and dad was out mowing the lawn.  This would have been after our time in Spain but before we headed off down south to Texas and on to Panama.  I got this great picture of Luciana in my old bedroom (now dad’s office) watching my dad mow the lawn out of my bedroom windows.  So adorable.

Luciana Looking Out the Window
Luciana Watching Grandpa Mow the Lawn on June 24, 2015 from Her Dad’s Old Bedroom Windows

What a wild and exciting year it has been since that picture was taken.  Hard to believe that that little four year old girl lived in Panama, Nicaragua, Greece and Romania since then.  That she has visited Mexico, Croatia, Bulgaria, Moldova, Turkey, Serbia, Montenegro, Albania, Macedonia and Kosovo since then!  What a year.  And now she is five.

Both girls are still pushing for us to go to China.  It’s been more than a year with China being the destination that they want to go to most.  But Romania remains the place that they want to return to the most.