June 25, 2016: Dinner at Tom Wahl’s

Pretty quiet day hanging out with dad and doing some more writing and posting today. The Tocco clan is heading to Enchanted Forest Water Safari tomorrow, the girls have been talking about going there for about eighteen months, now. It is their favourite thing to do ever and are so, so excited that they are going to finally get to go tomorrow. They went two years ago and loved it so much, and were so excited to go last year and the weather never allowed it to happen and they have talked about it at least weekly for the entire last year. They talk about summer as being their favourite season: “Because that’s when we get to go to Water Safari”, they say!

This evening dad and I went to Tom Wahl’s in Avon. I’ve been craving their veggie burgers and their amazing French fries for a year. They have one of those food items that just drives me crazy when I am away. There are some things that you just cannot get when you are away from home: Buffalo style pizza from Papa Roni’s (Davis’), subs from Aunt Cookies in Geneseo, veggie burgers and fries from Tom Wahl’s, etc. I also can’t wait to get Rockfish’s Santa Fe fish tacos and volcano shrimp when in Dallas. And Panda Express shrimp, too. You miss a lot of food when you travel a lot.