August 30, 2016: Dallas to Indianapolis

Big driving day.  I was up at seven thirty this morning.  Everyone was very tired and not ready to get up and out the door as quickly as we had originally planned, but I had built in enough time for that, so it wasn’t a problem.  Dominica was up around eight and that’s when we started packing the car.

We got on the road at ten.  About the latest that I had originally scheduled as being reasonable.  It is fourteen hours of road time to get to Indianapolis and I really wanted to get in pretty close to midnight.

We had a pretty good drive today.  The weather was good, the kids did great, and McDonald’s offering breakfast all day is just about the best thing ever.  We eat a lot of Egg McMuffins sans meat, these days.

It was a long day of driving but we made pretty good time.  We were very tired by the end of the day, of course.

We arrived in Indianapolis at three in the morning, but I did not get to sleep until well after four thirty.  We stayed at the Comfort Inn and Suites in Plainfield really close to the Scale offices that I will be visiting tomorrow.  A great location and we got a really good price on the room.