August 31, 2016: Indianapolis

I got up at nine at the Comfort Inn and Suites.  I let everyone else sleep and I was out of the room before ten.  We were just ten minutes, and one exist on I70, away from Scale and they were very easy to find.  It’s not all that hot in Indiana this morning, but the humidity is ridiculous.  You were wet the instant that you stepped outside in any way.

The girls slept in as long as they could and then checked around at 12:30 and went to the Bob Evans that was in the same parking lot so that they could get a nice lunch.  Dominica had decided that we would just pack up and go after I was done visiting with Scale today rather than spending the night in Indianapolis and then having to drive out to Ohio tomorrow.  She did not tell me this until late, though, and I did not have cell service at some points during the day so I was not able to plan around it well.

The girls loved their lunch at Bob Evans and want to go there a lot more often.  Dad is excited to hear this as he really likes that restaurant and has been wanting us to go there in Batavia.

I had a good day in the office.  Got to meet lots of people and got a tour.  Did lunch with the tech support group and got Vietnamese from Pho36 which was awesome.  The food was amazing.

I left at four thirty and raced over to pick up Dominica and the girls who had been hanging out in the lobby of the Comfort Inn for three hours as the hotel would not hold their luggage past that point behind the counter (which is pretty obnoxious for a hotel to do in general, and even moreso given that we are very highly rewarded members of their rewards club and have like a decade track record of being very loyal – I was not impressed at all with the customer service last night or especially today at the Comfort Inn.)

We got right on the highway and fought Indianapolis rush hour for a while, but did pretty well getting underway to Ohio.

It’s just over five hours from Indianapolis, through Dayton and Columbus, up to Canton.  It was going to be around eleven when we would arrive in town and we knew that the family would be asleep so we got a room at the Hilton Home2 Suites, which is Dominica’s favourite hotel to stay in, and crashed for the night.

The room was great and this is my first time getting to try out the Home2.  I liked it as well, although I like the Hilton Garden Inn better, I think.  But Hilton remains our favourite hotel chain, they have been so awesome to us.

I set up my laptop but pretty much was off to bed in half an hour.  I’m very tired from all of the driving and am looking forward to a nice night of sleep.  The Hilton beds and pillows are always so nice.  Liesl made me promise that I would wake her up in time to get breakfast in the morning, she is excited about getting breakfast.