December 8, 2016: Webinar and SpiceCorps

Very busy day for me today.  I got up early and got as much done on the early side as I could.  Then made a huge coffee and had a phone call for an hour around noon, then did a webinar that went really well this afternoon.

After the webinar, it was time to prep for the SpiceCorps event that we were having at the house tonight.  This was a panic meeting to try to do damage control after the last meeting was so epically terrible and insulting.  The group used to be really good, but now there is no reason to attend any longer.

The meeting went well and even Andrew made it out tonight.  There was  a lot of drinking, of course.  Had a purely social evening, no presentations.  We ended up having to drive Andrew home by the end of the night.

The outcome of the evening was that the organizers decided that it was time to disband the SpiceCorps DFW group after eight years.  It just isn’t what people were wanting any longer and it was not working out well.

It was a very late night for Dominica and I as we were playing designated drivers until about four in the morning.  Rachel had to stay home and watch the kids.