November 25, 2016: Returning to Dallas from Houston

We have to drive back north to Dallas today.  It is Friday and we have a house party at our house tomorrow evening so we need to get back tonight so that we are ready for it.

We did not move too quickly this morning and just hung out for most of the day.  Around three we were packed and I ran out to get an oil change on the Nissan Quest, our first one since we bought it.  We needed that before making the long journey north.

After the oil change I picked up Dominica and the girls and we went to Specs and stocked up on drinks for the party tomorrow.   As soon as we were done, Dominica learned that the advent calendar had been sent to her sister’s house and we need that for next week.  So we had to go back there, again.  That was two trips out and back after we had intended to have left.

Turns out that the calendar was not there, so one is being sent up to Dallas directly and we were able to get on the road around five.  Good thing that rush hour is minimal today as it is Black Friday.

The drive was long but we did just fine.  We got into Dallas around eleven.  We were tired but we got to see Rachel a little before calling it a night.