February 17, 2017: Friday Before Dominica Returns to the States

First thing this morning I walked down to the local store and got some supplies for the day.  Just the store around the corner and the panificio.  They didn’t have much today, I can never figure out when is the right time to go there.  It always seems like they don’t have much, early or late isn’t much of a factor.

Once home I got down to work.  It is Friday and I am hoping to not have too much to be doing over the weekend. Dominica leaves on Monday and I can’t have things backed up for next week since it is just me watching the kids all week.

Lunch was reheated pizza from last night.  For dinner it was veggie burgers and I came down and hung out for a while watching Modern Family for a while.  But after about four episodes I was back to work, as was Dominica.  She has been struggling with some new web tools for several days.

I worked until after four in the morning, but it was a good day.