April 14, 2017: Touring Starwind

Friday.  We had lots of rain this morning.  A nice spring rain in Kiev.  Our apartment is a good place from which to watch the rain.  We have such a nice fifth floor view in the heavily treed park-like courtyard between all of the apartment buildings.  It’s a great European style view that you never get in the US.

Today Dominica and the girls came with me to see the Starwind offices.  It gave them a chance to get a tour.  Then we set them up in an office so that they could play, while Dominica and I did some work and had meetings.  The girls really liked getting to go into the office and hang out.  A big change of pace for them.

After our afternoon in the office as a family, we all went back home while we had a ride.  Then it was a family evening, just hanging out together at the apartment.