April 16, 2017: Lost Power and the Force Awakens

Sunday and Happy Easter. I finally got the Ubuntu 17.04 update on my laptop completed that I had started yesterday.  It is working great.  It was working fine before, but the update is a good one.

Dominica’s Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro has been just awful with Windows 1o on it.  Always has been awful.  Finally got her to try switching to Linux today and got her on to Korora 25 and everything worked great, immediately.  All of the Windows 10 problems that have always been there are just gone.  The hardware works better, the desktop works better, the graphics drivers work better.  No idea why that hardware and Windows work so poorly together.  I mean neither is that great on its own, so together they are even worse.  But still, they should work more than they did.  Constant network drops, constant GPU crashes, and all kinds of other problems.

We lost power at the apartment today.  It went out suddenly with some sound in the hallway.  I went out for a walk and figured out that other parts of the buildings next to us definitely had power and that it must only be us that were out.  So we called Anton and he called the apartment building and got someone to come out and look into it and they found that the electrical box out in the common area of the hallway had shorted out and blown.  So they were able to get it mostly working for us and someone is going to come out and look at it for real pretty soon.

We were without power for about three hours.  Not too bad, but of course we were worried that we’d not be able to sleep if the power didn’t come back on because of my CPAP and what would we do if our phones lost their charges?

We watched a lot of movies today at the apartment.  We watched Mr. Deeds with Adam Sandler.  Dominica and I could not remember having seen it before.  It wasn’t bad.

We talked Liesl into watching The Force Awakens with us.  I did not like the movie much, I saw it in the theater when it had come out, but Liesl had not seen it yet.  She likes Star Wars in general, so we figured that she would be into it.  She was on the fence until Chewbacca showed up, then she was excited and enjoyed the movie.