April 19, 2017: Power is Fully Restored

Wednesday.  After getting to bed so late last night I slept in rather late this morning, till nearly ten.  The electrician had not arrived yet so there was no need to get up as I could not go to the office yet.  The sun was out and the apartment was quite warm, even though we had gotten to just one degree above freezing last night.  It was warm enough to have the windows open, just a little bit, today.

The electrician came later in the day, so it made for a quiet day at the apartment for me.  Dominica was definitely not staying home alone to deal with the electrician on her own.  I’d have been in really big trouble had I left her there.

Today is the beginning of our research on flights back to the United States, from Kiev.  We will be heading back the USA relatively soon and we need to get all of our ducks in a row.  We will be going back to New York, this time.

Right now, it looks most likely that we will be returning to the States on either May 5th or May 8th.

Had a call today.  But then the Internet had issues, so I was offline for a while.

This is what the electrician found today.  Our breaker had really burned out, bit time.

Our Blown Breaker in Our Kiev Apartment

But that was not our own breaker, but one shared with other tenants in the building, so not something that we could have worked on or replaced ourselves.

My Scale HC3 cluster in the LA Colocation America lab got upgraded to HyperCore 7.2 today so officially we are able to virtualize Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016 now.  That’s awesome for our lab work.

The electrician ended up coming early enough that I walked into the office after he was there anyway.  It was cold today, so a long, cold walk back in the dark.  The walk home is uphill, so a lot “longer.”