September 20, 2017: Mid Week in Phoenix

DuoLingo Streak: 18 Days

Wednesday.  This morning was super busy in the office.  We had a system hacked and that ate up much of the day figuring out what needed to be done about that and how it would be tackled.  That led to several other design meetings that, in the end, were unrelated and I ended up having an incredibly busy day of just an incredible number of meetings.  But it was all good stuff.

For lunch today it was just Sateesh and me.  We ran over to Firehouse Subs.  I have not had a Firehouse Sub since Dominica and I had first moved to Irving.  It is possible that I have not had one since before Luciana was born!  I forgot how amazing their veggie sub with mushrooms is.  I have to get these all of the time now.  So delicious.

A busy afternoon, then back to the apartment.  We took a few hours to digest the thoughts of the day and had a call with Jeremy today to officially work out his offer.  So he is coming to join us on October 2nd.  He’ll be coming in and out of Phoenix every couple weeks.  That’s going to be exhausting.

It was one heck of a busy night.  We ordered in Indian for dinner, but ended up running across the street to Star of India to pick it up then brought it back.  I had some really awesome okra!

I was feeling really tired tonight and so got off to bed well before midnight.