September 21, 2017: Wow, Big Day

DuoLingo Streak: 19 Days

Thursday.  I got up at five thirty this morning and got to work on NTG projects that needed my attention all morning.  I had been hoping that I would be able to fall back asleep but I found myself unable to do so.  It was a long morning for me.

On the way into the office, we grabbed McDonald’s  There is a McDonald’s, Taco Bell, Panda Express, and Firehouse Subs right on the corner in front of the office.

I was very happy to get to take my morning shower today, however, because this was my first morning with hot water at the condo.  I was getting quite tired of the cold showers.

Sujit and I went to the office around nine thirty. Early this morning the HVAC guys were in and got our AC working.  By early afternoon it was actually a little chilly in my office.

I had Panda Express for lunch today.  Liesl would be very jealous.  I just got it to go and ate in the office.

After lunch I came back and moved into my own office, since I have a private office, and took some time to Telegram with and then Facetime Liesl and Luciana.  Liesl has figured out audio messages on Telegram and so sends those to me all of the time which is so adorable.  I can’t wait to get home and see the girls late tomorrow night.

So this afternoon turned into a significant bombshell of news at work.  Loads of changes and some really dramatic stuff that I had proposed and now everything that I had been thinking was happening yesterday and even this morning, is not happening and so much has changed and my head is pretty much spinning as I adjust to all of the new things.  Wow, what a day.

The office was super quiet all afternoon.  At five we went back to the condo for a while and I spent a lot of time catching people up with all that was going on and making plans and trying to remotely interview people via proxy and try to wrap my head around everything that was going on today.

Went to dinner at Star of India tonight.  Had tandoori fish, very good.  And tried some really amazing eggplant.  So good.  Dominica is going to love that place.

Back to the condo and at eight thirty we were both feeling so tired that it was time to get some sleep.  I did a little extra DuoLingo, talked to Liesl for a bit on Telegram, wrapped up some SGL journalling and by ten was ready to get to bed myself.

Tomorrow is going to be a huge day.  I’m not even sure where I am going to start.