September 22, 2017: Returning from Phoenix to Dallas

DuoLingo Streak: 20 Days

Another morning of getting up early, setting up my Chromebook and working like crazy from the condo dealing with phone problems for people.  Exhausting, especially on top of everything else that is going on.

I also did the dishes this morning.  I’m very industrious.

Sujit & I started the morning going across the street to a place called The Early Baker which does a really good breakfast.  I got a Georgian dinner modified as an American breakfast, which was really good.  And very filling.

Once in the office, it was solid meetings until two when we all rushed out to drive to The Curry Bowl for their Friday buffet, way across town.  The buffet was, indeed, extra good today.  One of the best Indian buffets I’ve ever had.  Really extensive and really great quality.  Even fish on the buffet.

One more meeting after lunch.  Then at four we had an interview call with a candidate that sounds promising.  And straight back to the condo from that call.

We had a little while to relax at the condo.  I got all packed up for my flight and did some calls, emails and such while I had some time.  Then at eight we went to the Star of India for dinner.   Dinner was amazing, again.  Star of India really does a great job.  Dominica is going to love being able to walk across the street to get that.

After dinner we stoped at Fry’s for groceries and then returned to the condo, I freshened up and then caught my Uber ride to the airport.  I arrived at Terminal 2 at right around ten.  My flight was scheduled for twelve fifty in the morning, but was listed as being delayed for just over twenty minutes.  So loads of time for me.

There was nothing to do at the airport, everything was closed.  So once my bag was checked and I was through security I just sat at the gate.  I even laid down on the floor and tried to semi-nap.  I was extremely tired.

The flight ended up leaving on time and we even had a strong tail wind getting us to Dallas ahead of schedule!  The flight itself was fine.

I got to Dallas and Dominica was there very quickly.  There was some issues with the luggage and we had to wait about forty minutes for that, though.  So we did not manage to leave the airport as quickly as we had hoped that we would.

Nearly six when we got home.  The girls were in bed and asleep in minutes.  They didn’t even ask to sleep in our room or anything.  They were so tired.  Ciana barely even knew that I was home, Liesl had stayed awake the whole time, though.  Dominica told me that Luciana stayed up all night and had come to get her to go to the airport to get me.  But she fell asleep in the car on the way.  Luciana later said that she was so excited that I was coming home tonight that she could not sleep.

It took until nearly eight for me to actually fall asleep.  But nothing planned for the weekend.  Going to just be resting up and hanging out with the kids.