December 9, 2017: YouTube Day

DuoLingo Streak: 98 Days

Saturday.  Home alone for the weekend.  There was just enough sun today to keep the house “warm” so that the heater did not have to kick on.  The house got as high as sixty six today.

I got a number of YouTube videos done today for my SAMIT channel.  That is really taking off.  I have hundreds of subscribers now and am getting regular comments, loads of activity, and a few new people subscribing every day.  Very exciting.

I unboxed my new Plantronics Voyager 8200 UC Bluetooth noise cancelling headset today that was a gift from Plantronics.  It’s tan and white and very comfy and sounds great and quite stylish.  Not something that I could have bought for myself but very nice to have.  I am going to be using this a lot.

After the sun got low and I could not work on videos any longer, I watched YouTube for a while, catching up on loads of educational stuff that I like to watch.  I watched Spectral, which was a Netflix movie supposedly set in Moldova, but it was clearly filmed by people who had never seen or been to Moldova and was very clearly Hungary which is a totally different looking kind of place and never once did they even bother trying to pretend that anyone knew the name of a city in Moldova, including the one that they were pretending to be in.  The whole movie was shot around a river – which there isn’t one of in Moldova’s capital either.  The movie was really weak, but the cast wasn’t bad.

Before bed I also watched an amazing documentary about Peru on Netflix called Peru: Tesoro Escondido.  I highly recommend it.

Late at night there was a shooting at Baybrook Mall in Friendswood, Texas, which is where all of our family is located and where Dominica and the girls are right now.  They always herald it as the seventh safest city in America and there was a mall shooter just down the street from where everyone was.  We were at that mall just two weeks ago!