February 28, 2018: Delhi

Wednesday. I had to be up very early this morning, about five thirty.  Showered and was ready for Danielle to pick me up at six.  We are driving down to Delhi, New York to meet with a customer down there for an engineering team meeting that is done once or twice a year.  This is my first time meeting this client and should be actually rather fun.

It is a three to four hour drive to get down there, but we had good weather and an easy drive.  Especially easy for me as I did not have to drive, which is great.  Danielle is one of the few people that I get to ride with instead of having to be the driver.

We had McDonald’s from Dansville on the road.  We took some backroads to get to Delhi and made it just in time for the morning engineering meeting.  Our meeting went really well, it was great for everyone involved.  One of those meetings where meeting in person definitely makes things better for everyone.  Especially for me as this gave me a chance to get to know people I’ve been working with for years much better.  That always makes future work a lot more smooth.

We were given an office to work in after the meeting, but we ended up having far less to do than we had anticipated.

So my big, shocking news for the day is that I’m no longer on Spiceworks, which is interesting as I’ve barely been on for a week or more anyway.  So I will be starting March fresh, with no SW to do.  This is going to change my daily schedule rather significantly.  I’m not happy about the drama, but I am thrilled to not be a part of it anymore.  As many friends and Dominica have said, I’ve gotten addicted to trying to help people and have put up with the terrible platform and all kinds of childish drama for years because it allowed me to be helpful.  Now I can not help people and it is not my fault that they do not get help and I don’t have to feel badly in the least about it.  So in many ways, an awesome situation.

For lunch today, Danielle and I met up with Chad in downtown Delhi.  I’ve known Chad for years from MangoLassi, but have never met in person.  He is the person who posts the most that I’ve never met in real life.  Danielle has known in in real life for years, though.

Lunch was great.  Delhi is a really cute little town.  But the Internet is terrible here so having a business here is pretty bad.

We had planned on being in Delhi all day and leaving tonight.  We didn’t have to, though, and were able to get on the road back to dad’s at one and were home by late afternoon.  Very nice.