March 1, 2018: The Snow Begins

Thursday. I can’t believe that it is already March.  But we say that every month.  Time just flies, thus is life.

This morning we had to get the kids ready pretty quickly because we are driving out to meet Dominica’s parents in Auburn, New York at the Denny’s to have some lunch.

So not a lot to report.  A morning of driving.  The girls were excited to go to Denny’s and to see their grandparents.

Lunch at Denny’s in Auburn, NY

After lunch we loaded up the Quest with stuff that Dominica’s parents had brought out for us.  Then drove back to dad’s.  There is supposed to be snow tonight, but it was clear while we were driving.

We got back home and had a few hours in which we could work in the storage unit down in the barn.  We got right to work on that and made it through several boxes before the storm hit.  Dominica had worked on the storage unit yesterday, as well.  So there is noticeable progress.  But boy is there a lot that needs to be done.  I mean a LOT.

Our goal is to make it through the entire storage unit before we leave.  We are going to take as much as we can with us, with the most important thing on the list being Liesl’s Ikea dresser that has been in storage for four years now that matches Luciana’s which we managed to take with us to Dallas in our last trip last summer.  After that, it is all just “whatever we can fit.”

We are a little worried, with the snow coming tonight, that there will not be enough time to get through the storage unit before we need to get onto the road to drive back to Dallas, that’s Monday morning.  That only leaves this weekend, tomorrow is going to be a bust.

The snow hit around six thirty this evening.  The girls came into dad’s office to see the big snow flakes coming down in the light of the heavy duty house peak light.  They are so excited. This is a serious snow and they’ve probably never seen it come down like this.