July 31, 2018: More Rocket

Woke up before five this morning, but had gotten enough sleep so decided to just get up and get to work.  Might as well not waste the morning.  I made coffee and did some of the dishes before getting signed in and working by five thirty.  A very productive morning.  Closed a number of tickets, had a number of conversations.  Very excited about having Rocket.Chat working for so many customers now.

I have lots to prep as our office in Matagalpa, Nicaragua will officially start tomorrow morning.  Although Karla has been helping out for a few weeks to try to find other staff for the location.  She’s been a busy bee, even before officially beginning.

Lots of meetings this afternoon.  Kept me very tied to my desk.

Tonight I finally started Season Four of Star Trek: Deep Space 9.  It’s far enough in that all of the episodes are new to me, but as they are from the same general era as TNG and Voyager they seem very nostalgic while also being brand new to me, but now I am past the famously sluggish and annoying early seasons and am starting to get into the good stuff that made the series so popular with people who managed to hold out long enough to get to this part.

This evening, Paul made us tuna salad for dinner.  For me, that’s just plain tuna salad eaten straight.  Everyone else had a tuna salad on pasta.