August 1, 2018: Reagan is Born, NTG Opens Nicaragua Office

Wednesday.  This morning I am an uncle again for the sixth time.  My new niece, Reagan Tocco, was born this morning.  We will be going down next weekend to see her, down in Houston.

This morning started with loads of tickets, phone issues, and more.  I was very busy as we tried to get ready for our big news…

Today is a major day for NTG.  After a year of work and planning, today we officially brought on our first person in Matagalpa, Nicaragua.  Not only did we manage to get into Nicaragua like we had been talking about for so long, but we managed to do it in the city that we wanted to be in!  This is a major accomplishment for us and a big step towards our goals.  We are very excited.

Of course, being day one, we have only a single person in the country, our Country Coordinator position, but that is how it starts.  We have multiple people considering moving to the city in the future, once the unrest there reaches a stable, steady state.

But we hope to have more needs for more people from Nicaragua as well in the future.  I am very hopeful that we will be able to hire one or two more before the end of the year.  Our plan is to have everyone in the same city, so that we have the benefits of people being able to work together.

For lunch today, just olives for me.

Had to build another Rocket server today.  I have been very busy with those, recently.