July 4, 2018: I Have the Girls Back

Wednesday.  It’s the Fourth of July and today is the annual Doty family reunion down in Waverly, New York.  The girls are going down there with the Grices, and coming home with me in the evening. So I finally get to see them after weeks of them being with their cousins and grandparents in Frankfort.

So I got up and got on the road right away this morning.  It is around three hours, or a little less, to get down there.  Not a bad drive.  But would be much better if I had not just done most of it yesterday.

As always, it is too warm on July 4th to really do anything.  But it was not a record hot day, or anything.  Overall, just a little too warm.

It was very exciting to see the girls, we have been apart for too long.  They were having a great time with all of the kids by the time that I had arrived.

I can’t believe how long I have gone without seeing my girls.

You can see the cards that they made for me poking out of my pocket.  I did not get to see them for Father’s Day.

Ciana had one of her cousins do her hair in a new style today.  Good for the warm weather.

We had a nice day visiting with the family.  Our first time here without Dominica or Madeline.  They are still in Scotland and won’t be back for several more days.

The girls played with their cousins all day.  They learned some complex new party game that they call Mafia.  They played that for hours today.

We left in the late afternoon to drive back up to my dad’s place.  He hasn’t seen the girls all summer yet.