August 2, 2018: Mexican Stew

Thursday.  Today is the second day of our office in Nicaragua officially being up and running.  So my day was spent almost entirely working with Karla and doing training with her and getting her set up in all of our systems.  There is a lot to train people on, and remote training is not very efficient.

It’s very exciting, though.  Having staff in Matagalpa, finally, after all of this time is great.  I have been trying to make this happen for a year.  So this is a major accomplishment and a huge part of my long term strategy and goals for the company.

Very little time for anything extra today.  I still had all of my usual work, plus full time training.

This evening, Dominica made a Mexican stew for dinner that was absolutely delicious.  I’m not generally into these soup and stew kinds of dinners.  I like them, but without bread they are normally too watery for me to find satisfying.  This one was so good and so loaded with beans that it really worked for me.