August 3, 2018: Nailed It

Friday.  After a few years, three I believe, today is Gene’s last full time day with NTG.  This morning Rodrigo and I reassigned all of Gene’s tickets that were still left lingering and he is now a free agent.  He starts his new job sometime next week, Tuesday, I think.  We are going to be extra busy in the coming weeks as we get used to not having Gene on the team.

So it was a busy morning doing Gene’s final sign off for departure.  Lots of last minute knowledge transfer stuff and trying to make sure that everything was clear so that he wouldn’t have to worry about anything after today.

This evening, after work, the girls wanted to hang out.  They talked me into ordering them Domino’s Pizza, of which I cannot have any, and watching some shows and stuff together. They are really loving this silly Netflix cooking show called Nailed It! which we have been watching together.  They have both seen all of the episodes already and are just rewatching it with me, now.