August 20, 2018: Power Out and Email Disaster

Monday.  We started off this morning with our Nicaragua office losing power.  From the picture taken from the office, I discovered that there is a Pizza Hut just down the street from the office.

Today is the first day of the girls being back to school full time.  School has started back up in Houston, so it is back up here.  Going to be a rough week getting them back into the swing of school every day.

Today’s fun disaster is that suddenly our datacenter’s IP range was listed by the Internet mafia arm of Microsoft, Spamhaus, who blacklists Microsoft’s smaller competitors at random to try to either blackmail ISPs or just convince small email users to move to Office 365.  So I got to spend the day working on interesting ways to bypass Microsoft refusing to deliver email from us, without just switching to Zoho which has gone up 50% in cost and just doesn’t really make sense at the higher cost.  I like Zoho, but it is just too limiting and too expensive for us.  When it was cheaper, I was okay with the limiting, but at this price, I’m just not up for it.

So it was a hectic day of trying to figure out how to get alternatives to work and what would make sense.  And that was after setting up a Zoho account thinking that we were going to have to go that way in the end.  Now I need to cancel that as it just wasn’t going to cut it.  And it took a lot of work to get it work as they had so many technical problems on their end just trying to get us able to get an account.  That was not an impressive process by any stretch.

This evening Liesl tried playing Kelvin and the Infamous Machine, a new video game that we just got for her.  It looks really fun.  A classic point and click adventure.

But that ate up nearly all of my day.