August 27, 2018: Outage Week Begins

Today really was a Monday, literally and figuratively.  I got woken up by the Nicaraguan monitoring office to tell me that a client was down and having major issues.  So I started the day leaping out of bed to go see what was wrong.  Ended up being a major power failure inside the building that led to loads of time being spent determining what was wrong and getting things “working” which took most of the day.

The whole day ended up just being completely crazy and intense.  We all worked so much, it was exhausting.  Thank goodness it wasn’t problems that we had caused.  Major outage days always stress me out until we know it wasn’t us.

So my day was spent completely head down working for clients.  No time to relax in any way.

Dinner for me was homemade fried clams and a giant salad.  The girls had homemade deep fried shrimp and really loved it.  My clams were possibly the best that I have ever had.

This evening, Paul made homemade apple fritters in his deep fryer.

This evening there was at least a little time and we were able to play just a little bit more of King’s Quest before Liesl had to go to bed. She got in about another two hours.  We still have quite a bit more story to play through in the first episode.  It’s quite a good game.