August 4, 2018: Movie Night Two with the Girls


I put in a lot of time today getting a new video game laptop build for the girls as they have been without Steam for weeks now.  What we are doing is taking the old Steam laptop whose Nvidia graphics card burned out and re-purposing that as Dominica’s work laptop where she doesn’t need the GPU.  And her old work laptop, which used to be my work laptop and is still, by far, the fastest computer in the house, is being made into the girls’ video game rig.  The two laptops are the same model and all but identical.  So it is not all that hard to do, in theory.

This evening, the girls and I made it a movie night again, as we had such a nice time yesterday.  First Liesl and I watched Elle Enchanted together.  Which is always fun, that’s a very cute movie and just up Liesl’s alley.  Luciana watched some, but was not all that interested.

Then, after that, we watched Pirates of the Caribbean 2: Dead Man’s Chest which is way more Luciana’s style.  The girls loved having a movie night all together.