August 5, 2018: Swimming at Kim’s

Sunday.  It was nice out today and we sat outside for a bit.

I spent some time this afternoon trying to get video games working for the girls again after the “old” video game laptop died and I had to move them to the new one.  So much work for things that should be so simple.

This afternoon, Kim invited us over to her new apartment in Addison for everyone to go swimming.  The kids have been dying to get more swimming time in, and Kim has been trying to have us over for a couple of weeks.

We got everyone packed up mid-afternoon and drove down to Addison.  We hung out and got the tour of the new apartment for a while.  Liesl had a scary run in with a dog and we spent most of an hour getting her bandaged and calmed down.  She just got a small bite on her arm, but it was a close call and very scary.  It took her a long time to recover from the shock of it.

We swam for a few hours.  The pool is pretty nice and very handy, right next to Kim’s apartment.  The girls had a great time.  They love swimming so much.  They definitely do not get that from me.

It was late when we headed back home.  So on the way back we took a quick swing into Taco Bell and got dinner for everyone.

Showers for everyone once we were back home.  The pool water was very stinky, so no one was able to hold off on taking showers tonight.