August 6, 2018: New Fridge

Monday.  We started the day with the city having to turn off the water in the area because of some work being done nearby.  So we had an hour or two without water this morning.

We’ve been talking about getting a second refrigerator for a few days.  So this afternoon, Dominica and Paul went out to a used appliance dealer and found a great deal on a large (much larger than our current) stainless steel fridge and brought it home.  Just six hundred dollars for a really nice one!  It was too good to pass up.

The fridge was so heavy. Paul had to run to Home Depot and rent a hard core serious furniture dolly so that we could move it.  It was all that we could do to lift it off of the truck.  Once we got it off, we knew that we could not bring it into the house on our own, so Dominica got stuck sitting outside in a lawn chair watching the fridge while I worked and Paul drove to get the dolly.

We got it in and set up while it was still morning.  It looks pretty decent in the kitchen.  We want to completely gut the kitchen, anyway.  But it mostly matched, although it is so much bigger than our old one. But we were nowhere close to being able to store everything in the fridge that we need to.  With three adults, and cooking nearly every meal at home, and with Paul eating different food than the rest of us our food storage needs have just exploded.