September 20, 2018: Pool Time with Friends

Thursday. I slept till a quarter after eight this morning.  I accidentally let the phone die during the night, so thankfully no one was looking for me before I plugged it in!

Liesl got up and watched Liberty’s Kids for a bit this morning.  She is getting into the show.

Today’s main project is completing the build of the Windows 2016 Server, installing SQL Server 2017, doing a 2014 to 2017 migration, investigating some telecom failover issues, and more.  A busy day with a lot of communications, meetings, technical work, and more.  But, I have to say, it went overall pretty decently.

Lunch was some leftover sushi.  I like sushi quite a bit, but day old sushi leaves a lot to be desired.

This afternoon the girls had a play date at Isabella’s to go swimming.  And Dominica gets to go and meet Isabella’s mom today.  We had to start getting the girls ready at two thirty to be able to get there by three thirty.

We left the house at a quarter after three.  It is only ten minutes away in Addison.  The sun was out and it was warm when we left.  We got to the pool and the girls played with Isabella and Juan for about three hours.  They had so much fun.  They are all like old friends.  Dominica and I hung out the whole time with their mom, as well.  It was good as they have not had a chance to meet yet.

When we left we learned that tomorrow is the last day of Homeschool Week at Legoland DFW in Grapevine.  So Dominica might try to take Liesl and Luciana to that.  It’s a STEM activity center with lots of educational stuff and activities.  There is no way that I can go, even though I’d probably have a lot of fun.  This week hasn’t been too crazy, but it has been busy and I cannot be stepping away from my desk again as I was away so much on Tuesday morning and a little this afternoon.  I just need to be head down and working tomorrow.

Once home it was setan pot roast for dinner, which was excellent.  Liesl devoured so much of it with cooked carrots and boiled potatoes.  We watched an episode of Star Trek: Voyager with dinner.  Luciana was good with the carrots and potatos but the setan roast was not to her liking.

We told the girls around nine that they had to get to bed super early tonight so that they will get enough sleep before getting up “early” tomorrow to be able to go to Legoland for the day.  Paul said that he would go, he likes Legos a lot.  So I will have a quiet house most of the day.

I’m on a two day DuoLingo streak now.  I’ve been working very hard at it and I can really tell an improvement.  Over 230 Spanish crowns achieved now!

Got the kids to bed early.  Ready The Chamber of Secrets, then to bed myself.  No time for my own reading tonight.  The girls are excited about tomorrow.  Hopefully they can get up in the morning, and manage to coordinate meeting up with Isabella and Juan while there.