September 22, 2018: Last Day of Summer

Saturday and the last day of summer.  Our week has been all rain, hasn’t felt like summer for days.  Next week will be warm again, but this has been nice.

I was very, very sad to learn today that Telltale Games, one of the best video game studios out there of the last decade, that makes a lot of our favourite game series, just up and went out of business without warning leaving a load of really exciting things unfinished, which is heart breaking.  Like The Walking Dead series that was just two episodes away from completion (and a lot of people had already paid for) will not be finished now.  And the Stranger Things game that had been announced, won’t be happening.  And The Wolf Among Us 2 that we had hoped for, was cancelled.  Rumor is that Minecraft: Story Mode 2 will be completed thanks to Netflix’ contractual obligations, at least.

Liesl played Roblox much of the afternoon.  She just hunkered down in the living room and played most of the evening.  Luciana played with her maybe half of the time.  They still really love that game, even when their cousins are not playing online with them.

Dominica and Paul went to shoot pool and play darts this evening pretty late.  So Liesl and I played, and completed, the first episode of King’s Question (2015), which was a lot of fun.  Good story, great graphics, and very fun.  Liesl really enjoyed it.  Now we just need a sale so that we can get the later episodes for it.

Great game, I can’t wait to play more.  I really hope that the Odd Gentlemen turn out some more titles like this.