October 15, 2018: Traveling to Portland

Monday.  Today is my day to fly out to Portland, Oregon for a few days of work.  But first, I had to spend the morning working in the office as usual.  So today was a busy and exhausting day.

I flew Spirit out of DFW.  I have never been to Portland, or Oregon at all, before, so this is decently exciting.  I am looking forward to getting a few days out on the Pacific Coast and checking it all out.

Today was pretty boring.  The flight was fine.  It was very late when I got out to Portland, though.  So nothing to see.  Just darkness.  I had to rent a car so that I could drive as it was over an hour down to the place where I will be working this week.

I got a red Toyota Corolla which turned out to be very nice.  I liked it a lot.  The drive went fine.  Finding the hotel was no problem at all.  It was an excellent choice and in no time I was settled in and off to sleep.