November 26, 2018: Second Mac & Cheese Day

Monday. More packing. Now we are getting into the smaller stuff. One of the things that I worked on this morning was going through my childhood bedroom closet to see what was in there and what I should clean out. I got most of the books, for example. One thing that I got out of the closet that was pretty weird was a 1994 Woodstock Anniversary unopened Pepsi can that for some reason my 18 year old self thought would be some kind of collector’s item. The things that teenagers think will be cool, am I right? Anyway, I felt the can, which had not moved in decades, and realized that it was far too light to still be full. I don’t know how it happened, but somehow most of the contents had leaked out or evaporated over the last few decades. I opened the can and poured out the disgusting remains and threw it out. Saved it all of those years for no reason at all. I will always wonder how that much fluid left through the sealed aluminum, though!

We are leaving to return to Texas in two days. A lot to be done between now and then. Tomorrow is Liesl’s birthday and her birthday party.

I found out today that my Aunt Sharon has moved from Apple only to using a Google Chromebook (yes, on Linux) because I had switched and then her son Jeremy had switched and somehow he talked her into trying it!

Paul went out to Niagara Falls today to the casino in Canada, so he was gone most of the day.

Tonight dad took the family out to John and Sarah’s in Perry which both girls had made him promise that we would go to because they loved the mac and cheese there so much the last time that we were in New York. So we all drove down to Perry and had dinner. Unfortunately they made a completely different mac and cheese tonight that was nothing at all like what the girls were wanting or expecting. So that didn’t have the desired effect.

Liesl Having Mac and Cheese at John and Sarah’s in Perry

Luciana at John and Sarah’s with her Mac and Cheese

I did some NodeBB consulting for a client tonight. Nothing like needing to do consulting work while up in New York trying to get the truck all packed.