December 20, 2018: Holly Escapes

Thursday came about quite quickly this week. The whole week seems to have just flown by. I am now used to sleeping on the floor and don’t really even notice. Although because we slept in the open upstairs area last night, I woke up to Holly and Liza jumping on me and Truman licking my head.

Just a normal morning of work. Lots of more MeshCentral work today. That’s been big this week. And doing some research into MailCow which we might was to switch to from Zimbra. It looks pretty promising; significantly more modern which would be nice for our team.

Early this afternoon Holly, the oversized black labrador, pushed the gate open and took off running down the street. Liesl just happened to be in the kitchen when she ran and was like “no, no, no, no…” so we had some warning. I was the only adult home, and in pajamas with no shoes on. I ran down the street and down a block, but Holly ran away from me and is very fast. So I was pretty much useless.

I ran back to the house, got shoes on, grabbed a phone, told Madeline that she was alone with the kids, and went back out. I called Dominica and Paul who were at the grocery store doing some shopping and told them that they had to hustle back to help me catch the dog.

I spent probably twenty five minutes hunting the dog down. I found her decently quickly, but she is way faster than me and kept running away from me, going down several different streets. I was on the phone with Dominica the whole time, hoping that they would get back and be able to help me quickly as even if I caught Holly, I would not reasonably be able to get her back on my own.

I managed to catch Holly and hold her collar just minutes before Dominica and Paul returned. She happily jumped into the Nissan and they drove her back to Francesca’s house while I walked back. Then they went back out shopping. They were out hunting down half and half for coffee, and signs to put on Paul’s CanAm which is sitting out front and Elizabeth told him that he should have signs on if he was hoping to sell it.

After they got back from shopping and put out signs, it was only an hour before his first inquiry call came in! They didn’t buy it, but they called to find out. That’s more calls than he has had in weeks.

I made myself Boca burgers for lunch. I skipped breakfast today.

Emily and her friend Hannah came by and hung out for about an hour talking about the Europe trip in the summer. Hannah wants to go to Texas A&M for travel and tourism, so very much up her alley. Emily has not yet made any serious decisions about her Europe trip yet and she is rapidly running out of time. Dominica, of course, is pushing her to make it a museum trip, something Emily has no interest in. I just want her to give a rough outline of the countries that we are going to be going to because I don’t think that she is being realistic about the travel time needed to get from country to country and still have a chance to see the country that she is getting to.

Dinner was “fend for yourself”, so just a cheese and mayo sandwich for me. I made green beans and veggie chicken nuggets for the kids. Madeline worked late tonight, not getting home until after dinner. She has to work every day this week. All the fun of being the college worker back from college during the holiday busy season while everyone else that works there is at school because they are all still in high school.

I did tonnes of web hosting work tonight. Solving tough problems with hacked websites and migrating hosting and stuff like that. Good work, and worked quite late. Tomorrow is a busy day of meetings.