January 7, 2019: Impossible Tacos

Monday. It didn’t feel all that busy at work today, but it was decently busy, to be sure. Rodrigo has been without water at home since yesterday, so we busy dealing with that for much of the day. So I was covering more than usual, and this is the first real full day back at work after the holidays so it was extra busy.

This evening was dinner at the Blue Goose Cantina in Frisco. I got the Impossible tacos, this was my first foray into Impossible meat substitutes which is supposed to taste more like meat than other substitutes. It is close enough to meat to seem like it fills a gap, but not so much like meat that it tastes disgusting. It doesn’t give me the bad “meat feeling”, which is good because I don’t actually enjoy the taste of meat. But for a change of pace, it is pretty decent. Although in the future, I think that I would just prefer a fish taco. Even great fake meat is just too close to meat and not what I was actually looking for in a taco. I just really like fish and beans in tacos and burritos. No need for a meat alternative. I just don’t like that as much.

After dinner, Dominica and I watched the end of the third season of Brooklyn Nine Nine and started into the fourth season. I can’t believe that we have missed as many seasons as this, but time really does fly and now it is pretty nice to have so much of one of our all time favourite shows to watch. Season after season that show is just hilarious.