January 8, 2019: Legend of the Skull

Tuesday. It was super busy at work today. I ended up on one call after another. It was hard for anyone to get a hold of me all day, I was just jumping from one call to the next for hours on end. I didn’t even manage to get any real free time from a call from noon until nearly eight in the evening! It was a very busy day.


Tonight was Paul’s billiards league night. So Dominica decided to go at the last minute, so just me and the girls tonight. I made the girls dinner tonight, then on to some gaming.

This evening was a video gaming night with the kids. They have been wanting to play Nancy Drew and the Legend of the Crystal Skull. They had started playing this one with the Grices’ last week, but Garrett found it to be too scary and they had not made it out of the first room in the game, but the girls were very excited about it. So we restarted it tonight.

We made it through a good chunk of the game. This one is set in New Orleans so the girls are learning all about the culture there. It is another good Nancy Drew game, we are having fun. In this one, you get to play both Nancy and Bess. The girls are getting really good at playing Nancy Drew games. Tonight our biggest puzzle was a crazy Rube Goldberg puzzle that took quite a while.