February 17, 2019: Yucatan

Sunday. A lazy Sunday at home, no plans, no one visiting, and the kids are feeling like being on their own today, for the most part.

Dominica and I watched some Fear the Walking Dead this morning. We managed to get in several episodes. Then early in the afternoon Dominica and Paul went to Ross to go shopping for luggage for Paul’s upcoming trip to Colombia which is now just forty hours away.

Paul and Dominica went out to practice playing snooker for a few hours. I made pizza for the kids.

I did some catching up on some shows today. I caught up on The Orville, which is on episode seven of the second season now. And I watched some of Perro Amor to practice my Spanish. Then I discovered that a movie that I have been waiting for a long time to come out turns out to be released on Netflix today: Yucatan with Stephanie Cayo. I’ve been waiting quite a while to see that, so started it right away.

Tonight Luciana came out and said that she wanted to play a video game with me. She and Liesl have both competed Darkness & Flame: Born of Fire, and she wanted to play through it with me. We played for an hour before it was time for bed. We will play more tomorrow.