February 18, 2019: The Girls’ New TV

Monday. Today is Presidents’ Day, so work was pretty slow. I was able to do a little work this morning, then move to the living room when Luciana woke up and she played Darkness and Flame: Born of Fire again for a while with me watching as she played.

Around noon Dominica and Paul went out shopping for groceries and to check on a television for the girls’ room. They did shopping around on Amazon before they went, and then went to multiple Walmarts and finally found a 55″ 1080p TV for just $150. We had originally been thinking of a 50″ 4K TV for $230. But the extra size is a big deal, they need a pretty big TV for their room, and in reality 1080p might not just be okay for them, but might actually be better because they will be watching tons of video games and those play better if they are not trying to render on 4K. The cost savings isn’t too bad, either. They got a television, the wall mount, and a Roku to hook to it so that they can watch all the same stuff as in the living room making it nice and easy for them.

While they were out shopping I did a round of dishes and made lunch for the girls. I made a double order of Mac and cheese. Both girls ate it and I had it too, mine with added guacamole and Serrano pepper salsa!

Work was slow so during lunch I watching some Family Matters and Full House with the girls.

Dominica and I have really been wanting to show the girls the Studio Ghibli film Kiki’s Delivery Service which is both of our favourite film from that studio, but for some reason it is the one movie that is not on our house server. We have been mostly convinced that the movie was lost or something. But today dad was able to show us his spreadsheet of all of our movies and it told us which box that movie was packed into and I went into the garage and, of course, it was the bottom most box of the deepest stack of boxes, but we found it and got it out and sometime this week we will be watching this classic film with the girls.

Paul got the new television hung in the girls room and it was up and running by around five. It is huge.

We got their new Roku hooked up and set up as well. They got a small $30 version that does not do 4K, but that is fine for them in their bedroom. We have it set up with Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, YouTube, and access to the house movie server. The television works amazingly well in their bedroom, this is going to be so nice for them. Luciana set herself up and watched it for much of the afternoon.

Paul had to get to bed really early tonight, around eight. He has to be up at three in the morning to get to his flight to Medallin, Colombia where he is going to be all week before then flying back and up to Missouri for a few days.

I spent a couple of hours on the phone with a friend from the industry discussing some recent events going on.

This evening I played a blind guessing game that Luciana had come up with where we have to find household objects and give them to a player with their eyes closed and they have to guess what they are. We played for at least forty minutes.

Tonight, the girls and I tried to watch Princess Mononoke but we only made it ten minutes in before Ciana decided that she could not handle it. So we switched to watching the 1990s remake of Disney’s The Parent Trap which Luciana has never been willing to watch before, but now she is interested in it and asking to watch it. It was too long for her to keep paying attention to so we saved it to finish tomorrow.

Very funnily, independently both girls asked if the younger girl in The Parent Trap was a gold digger. LOL. Where do they learn this stuff?

Then Liesl did Legos for a little while. Then it was time for a shower for the girls and some reading of “Huckleberry Finn”.