February 19, 2019: Paul in Colombia

Tuesday. Last night I managed to catch up on SGL all of the way through the end of November of last year. I am getting really close now, I am just a total of eight days behind.

Paul had to leave for the airport at three this morning. Dallas was reporting longer than usual wait times for flights and being an international flight it seemed prudent to be there super early. He is flying Spirit from DFW to Fort Lauderdale to Medallin. He will be there early in the afternoon.

Luciana was up early this morning. She asked me to set her up with Steam in their bedroom on the new television. Gaming in their room is going to be great now.

One of my main projects today was getting a new SAMIT video published to YouTube. And setting up my office as a place where I can do effective videos going forward. I rearranged everything and now have LED strip lighting on my monitors to light up my face, and my Lumix DSLR on a small tripod on my desk so that it looks at my between my monitors. A bit of a complex setup, but it seems to solve a lot of problems. I am hoping to be making more videos very soon, maybe even tomorrow.

I worked until five, then had a phone meeting for another hour and a half, but it was a good one. Hopefully will see some fruit from that in the next month or two.

Paul arrived in Medellin, Colombia in the middle of the afternoon and has already reported back that I definitely would love to live there. My kind of place, apparently. He sent lots of pics to show what the Poblado neighbourhood was like. He has an AirBnB there. He managed to already make some good business connections, too. We are very hopeful that we will be able to pick up some business down there.

After work was all done this evening, Dominica and I watched some One Day at a Time together until we were able to rally the troops and the girls came out to join us for a family movie night of Studio Ghibli’s Kiki’s Delivery Service which I have always loved. Liesl was very excited to watch it all together. Luciana was willing to watch it, but not so excited. I made two rounds of popcorn.

Liesl really enjoyed the film. Luciana only watched ten or fifteen minutes before deciding that she felt that it was too boring, and left us.

After the movie, Dominica went to bed as she was exhausted and had had essentially no sleep last night. Liesl, Luciana, and I played Luciana’s “figure out what you are holding” game that she had introduced last night.

The Liesl, Luciana, and I finished watching Disney’s remake of The Parent Trap together. The girls both liked that movie. Liesl had seen it before, maybe a year ago or less. Ciana has never seen it. After that movie Luciana decided to return to her room for some quiet time before bed.

Liesl wanted another movie, so at midnight we put on Princess Mononoke, which was too much for Luciana when she had tried to watch it, and Liesl and I watched that together. It has been a Studio Ghibli week around here!

While we were watching our movies tonight, I worked on SGL and managed to completely catch up! Finally, after more than a year, SGL is not behind. This is a huge weight off of me. Now keeping up will be so much easier.