February 24, 2019: Dreaming of a New House

Sunday. Today was just a very chill day. Slept in until quite late. The kids wanted to hang out and play this morning. So spent most of the morning with them.

Dominica and I spent a bit of time today talking about the housing ideas that I came up with yesterday. I went on Zillow and researched pricing and options and communities. It is looking like Little Elm, Frisco, Aubrey, and The Colony are the most interesting areas. And the prices seem to be okay. A real consideration. We could have so much more space, and we really need it.

This afternoon, Dominica wanted Indian food. So she made homemade paneer, and baked homemade naan. Kristen helped out in the kitchen and after a few hours they had made a full batch of completely from scratch paneer tikka masala with loads of homemade naan and everything. Healthy and filling. It was probably 1100 – 1200 calories for me, but my only meal of the day. So pretty good. And most importantly, it was really filling. So filling that I never got hungry for the entire day.

We watched The Goonies while we had dinner. Liesl tried watching with us and made it about half of an hour but felt that it was too boring and broke our hearts and did not want to finish watching this great, classic movie with us. I have not seen The Goonies for many years. But we watch it from time to time. Such a good movie.

My new DVD case that holds four hundred DVDs arrived from Amazon this afternoon. It is the silliest thing but I am so excited about this. The garage is full of DVDs and I cannot stand how much space it all takes up. So as soon as Amazon delivered the DVD case, I started taking DVDs out of their cases and putting them into the new binder. I did this for about two hours.

I managed to take five DVD boxes out of the garage and get them into this one binder. And I had enough space left over in it that I was able to gather up all of the loose DVDs that I could find in the garage and put them in it too. And still enough space left over to take about half of the DVDs that are on the shelves in the book shelf in the living room area. The impact on cleaning up the garage was huge, and this is just the beginning.

Now that we know that these cases work and are really effective, we will be getting them regularly. I am probably going to need four more of these, but that is okay. They will take half of the garage and make it fit easily on a single shelf somewhere. I cannot believe how well this worked. Such a good idea.

I had a lot of driving to do this evening. But I took the chance having to be on the road to check out several neighbourhoods. I looked at a lot of Frisco, Little Elm, and The Colony. I stopped at CVS and picked up a few things. Then checked out the El Dorado area of Little Elm and went back home.

I really like the western El Dorado area. It seems almost perfect.