March 2, 2019: Soho Jazz

Saturday. I slept in pretty seriously this morning. I didn’t wake up until almost noon! Yesterday must have really taken it out of me. I slept solidly and did not even realize that it was so late when I had woken up.

It is cold this morning, just over four degrees. Dominica was watching the second season of Reba when I woke up.

In the middle of the afternoon we made it out for a walk. We went a bit farther today than we have been going. We got in over two miles, even in the light rain. It was a good walk. Dominica is able to go much farther now.

We got back home and decided to go out for a date night. Going down to Soho Food and Jazz in Addison for Tapas.

When we parked at Soho Food and Jazz, some crazy lady drove wildly through the parking lot and hit Dominica’s door as she was opening it. We are really lucky as Dominica foot was already out of the door, it could have taken her foot off! It ended up just bouncing off of the other car and no damage. But it was a near thing.

At Soho we struggled, as always, to find food that Dominica could eat. But with some modifications, we were able to have the goat cheese, hummus, tofu, ahi tuna stack, and the crispy ravioli. It was all delicious. Almost all of it required some modification to the sauce so that Dominica could eat it, but mostly worked out okay. We can add this to the list of places where Dominica can eat, at least a little. There was live music, too.

We couldn’t be out long, it was five when we got back from our walk, and well after six by the time that Dominica was ready to go and Paul needed us back before eight so that he could go play snooker with AJ. So our time window was tiny. We ate and ran back home. Dominica likes to say that I’m always late, but it is very handy to have Paul here so I can demonstrate to a third party that I spend tons of time being ready and trying to manage time windows to get where I need to be and everyone else causes me to cut things too close. Dominica always remembers me as causing us to be late, mostly just because I’m also the driver.

We were back well before eight and Paul went out to play snooker. I was still hungry later in the evening so had some soup and bread, and then some cereal. The kids didn’t feel like hanging out tonight. So I caught up on The Orville and then started watching Solo, the latest Star Wars movie, but did not get a chance to make it very far before deciding to go to bed.