March 3, 2019: Another Ransomware Day

Sunday. Slept in again this morning. But it was pretty early when I was called by the client who had been hit with the ransomware on Friday and needed me to work for a lot of the day helping out with their issues again. So my Sunday was essentially lost. I put in basically an entire day of work starting late in the morning. A very busy day, much like on Friday.

I worked until around seven or eight. Then ran out to pick up food. First stopping by Ralph’s Pizza, then heading over to Taco Bueno. I got myself a bean burrito (no chili sauce of course), a potato burrito with beans, and I tried one of their limit time street tacos: the fried shrimp taco. Came back home to eat.

This evening we watched The Glass Bottom Boat, which is one of my favourite Doris Day movies. And then watched a little of Star Wars after that. But maybe only half an hour. Got to bed early tonight. Pretty worn out from the last few days.