April 27, 2019: A House on Crete Again

Saturday. This weekend Dominica and I started the day watching some House Hunters shows, both International and Renovations. I also had some client work to do on an HP C7000 blade cluster that I have been doing for a few days.

While we were watching our shows this morning, Dominica was doing research on VRBO and found an amazing house that we can afford and fits all of us on Crete on the outskirts of Chania. We showed it to Emily and she was like “BOOK IT RIGHT NOW!” So we have our stake in the ground in Greece, a two bedroom house near Chania with a pool and just off of the beach. Now the trip is real. And coming up soon.

We got just a tiny bit of rain today. Mostly it was warm and sunny. We have been on air conditioning for a week or more. But it doesn’t have to run very hard.

This evening I was watching Kara & Nate and Dominica joined me and after watching their episodes on Lebanon and Iraq, she is now addicted to it. She never likes YouTube travel vlogs, so this is a big victory. I have been watching them for a few days and really like their hows. I found them because they had done an episode in Montevideo.

I did some video gaming with the girls tonight. Only about an hour. We played their Zelda multiplayer game where we all wield swords and a bow and arrow together and play cooperatively. We beat levels five and six tonight. Five is the one that we had to give up on yesterday because it was too hard and frustrating. We are improving a lot.

I had to work a bit more tonight, though. So I got interrupted.