April 28, 2019: Flights Booked to Athens

Sunday. Big time travel planning day here. Dominica and I spent much of the day watching Kara & Nate, our new favourite travel show that I got her hooked on last night. And today’s main focus was working on our initial travel itinerary for this summer in Europe.

There was some rain during the night, so the atrium was a little wet. But the sun came out and it was a beautiful morning. I was up early and just went outside to hang out with Paul. I managed to get a bit of sun and my legs actually got the slightest bit of a sunburn this morning.

Dominica got up and wanted to watch Kara & Nate with me. So we started pretty much at the beginning of the series (I made it through three or four episodes without her) and watching it much of the day. We made it through their first few months of travel. We are loving it, it is our new favourite show to watch together. And we have over six hundred episodes to watch!

It was mostly our YouTubers and sitting outside in the atrium all day. Very relaxing. It was quite a nice day. The girls mostly did their own things, Luciana in their bedroom and Liesl in ours. They like their chill weekends.

Dominica and I had to do a ton of work with Emily and Francesca today on the phone to try to figure out the first part of the Europe trip coming up in less than two months! So many things going on in the next two months. Yesterday we booked the first house on Crete. Today we booked our flights from New York’s JFK to Athens, Greece. We don’t have the hotel booked in Athens yet, but the plan is to fly to Athens, do a few days, then get to Santonini for a very quick sight seeing trip, then pop down to Heraklion, see some stuff, and drive to Chania to get to our rented house. From there? Who knows.

We are in a situation not unlike 2011 where we spent months and months trying to figure out what we would do in Europe with nearly unlimited options to choose from and six weeks to spend. This time it is only four weeks and we are trying to plan an ultimate trip for Emily, so it is less us brainstorming as much as it is us pitching all kinds of ideas. This is so much more complex. We are looking at options like Rome, Paris, Amsterdam, and Barcelona. Maybe going back to Switzerland, too.

I did a little work today. But mostly it was a chilling outside, travel planning, and YouTube travel vlogging day. Very relaxed. I did a huge amount of pacing, too. I didn’t carry my phone with me while I did, so I have no idea how many steps that I did, but other than when I was outside getting some sun I was essentially walking or walking with weights all day. I’m getting fifteen thousands steps based on other walking day. Not bad for never leaving the house.

For dinner this evening, Dominica made fried rice with tofu, eggs, and toasted sesame seeds. I am pretty sure that this is the best fried rice that she has made yet.