April 29, 2019: Weight Loss Continues

Monday. Liesl had bad nightmares last night. We think that it is likely stemming from a “scary” video game video series that she was watching yesterday. Not really scary, very cartoony 1990 era computer graphics, so not something you would expect her to find scary. But it appears to have affected her some. So she had a rough night sleeping.

I weighed in this morning after a few weeks of avoiding the scales since there was all of that cake and pizza for all of the birthday activities. Keeping the food healthy has been very difficult. But my weigh in this morning had me down another one and a half pounds. Nothing amazing, but I am so thankful that even with all of that “cheating” that I was still moving forward.

I had a decently slow work morning. Not totally slow, but not bad. For lunch, Dominica brought be some shrimp tempura and a Koren rice bowl. It was yummy. We ate lunch while we watched Kara & Nate on YouTube. We are currently up to where they have transferred from Cambodia to Thailand.

This afternoon was much busier and I was on the phone for much of it and I ended up working until eight at night at my desk. Way too long of a day. And that’s just the time at my desk.

Dominica made some potatoes and asparagus for dinner. But I had to eat at my desk, locked in my office. “Dinner time” seems to consistently be one of my busiest times of the day. I never get to hang out with the family during eating times, it just never works.

I made myself some veggie chicken sandwiches for the core of my dinner. We watched Kara & Nate until it was time to go to bed, which I had to push Dominica to go to bed for a change. I was tired for a long time and falling asleep trying to watch our show. I need some sleep.

I did about ten thousand steps today, which isn’t bad. Nothing compared to the nearly twenty thousand that I did yesterday, though.