April 30, 2019: Almost Tornados

Tuesday. I got to hang out a little Busy work for the most part.

Dominica and I managed to watch a little of Kara & Nate during a late lunch today. This worked out well because my evening was entirely lost.

This afternoon we had a tornado warning. We had a big rain storm and the tornado sirens were going off. We got bypassed, but it felt a lot like a tornado outside. We heard that one may have touched down or nearly so in Denton proper.

Like often seems to happen in the evening, my evening was expected to be nice and relaxing with nothing planned and when it got later on, I got contacted with some emergency work to do and I ended up working all evening and into the night. It went well, but was very tiring.

Kat came over tonight, but not until almost midnight. She is staying the night so that Dominica and Paul can help her with cookies for someone at her school tomorrow.