May 2, 2019: An All Night DDoS

Thursday. Word was busy today, but went really well. Today I had many meetings and ended up closing a lot of new accounts. So things were really good. Overall, though, I had a super busy day with no free time. I worked a full day, but all of the interviews that I was supposed to be doing got cancelled. So far, no good candidates have showed up. It’s been either bad people or no shows all week. That has, at least, given me a little more free time. Well, time to work on other things.

Tonight the girls and I had some video game time together. Then I got to work on a web server migration that took all night. I had the prep work all done during the day and was ready to do it and thought that things would be pretty easy. But, of course, that was not the case. First I did the migration, then discovered problems and stayed up until four in the morning dealing with a distributed denial of service attack that has been hitting the server that I was working on for several days.

Four in the morning and I finally got to go to bed. Tomorrow is going to be rough. But very good work done tonight and I am feeling good about where we are.