April 8, 2019: Work Starts on the Atrium

Monday. I actually got to sleep in a little this morning. The team was on top of things and handled all of the early morning stuff.

This afternoon the real work on the atrium began. Paul and Dominica got the beam that has always gone across the atrium removed. I moved it out to the front yard. They did a lot of work on the walls, the old wiring, fixtures, flashing, and stuff. Tomorrow is the power washing. Then painting comes after that. We are going to be putting up strips of coloured LED lighting out there to make for a soft, uniform lighting situation to make it a lot more pleasant out there.

This evening Paul and Dominica had to run a delivery of cookies to Kat. She needs them for her classes again.

Liesl and I spent the evening playing first Deponia together, which she completed pretty quickly. Then we played the sequel, Chaos on Deponia. We played way more of this game than we played the first time. Several hours of it. By the end of the night, I would estimate that we were close to halfway through the second title. Liesl is very much looking forward to getting to play more of it tomorrow.