April 9, 2019: Gaming Night

Tuesday. We started out the day with the windows open, but we know that we are quickly heading into air conditioning weather. Our tiny “window” of fresh air is just about over.

This morning started with semi-power washing the atrium. Painting will start tomorrow before the sun gets too bad. Spackling and minor repair is the plan for today.

Work wasn’t too bad and I mostly got to knock off at the end of the day. We are starting to get our team together. The new guys are working out great.

This evening was a long one of video gaming. The girls and I played Chaos on Deponia some more. Mostly that was me and Liesl early in the evening. Then Luciana came out and joined us and we played some of A Journey Down: Chapter Two. Unfortunately, we were hours into the game when last we played it and our saved games were lost. So we are starting over and playing through this chapter again so that we can get to the third chapter.

Then we played some Sonic and Sega All Stars Racing for quite a while. Paul raced with us a bit, too. The girls liked having someone that they could beat.

It was a fun night of gaming.